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Level 3 Textbook

Level 3 Textbook

for graduates of Level 2 or Older Beginner Level 2

30 lessons

204 pages

38 original solos

9 classical solos

a six-piano ensemble

107 corresponding theory sheets

ten rhythm-tap exercises

major and harmonic minor

scales & cadences

glossary of musical terms

159 original drawings

Level 3 is for graduates of Level 2 or Older Beginner Level 2 and builds directly on the knowledge from Levels 1 and 2.  Level 3, an advanced beginner piano book, completes our concentrated study of treble clef notes by teaching up to ledger note B above the treble staff, in addition to reviewing the entire bass staff. Level 3 also encompasses whole/half steps; melodic interval studies; chord studies including root position chords, inversions, broken chords, I to V7 chord changes; how to build a scale; key signatures; parallel scales; 6/8 compound rhythm; 6/4 time signature; ottava; anacrusis; introduction to classics including sonata form; and note stem/flag rules. Major and harmonic minor scales/cadences and a glossary are included at the front of the book.


(Level 3 is exactly the same material as the previously printed Level 3A and Level 3B of The Mayron Cole Piano Method.)

graduates will progress to Level 4

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