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Level 4 Textbook

Level 4 Textbook

for graduates of Level 3

Level 4 is an advanced beginner piano book for graduates of Level 3 and builds directly on the knowledge from Levels 1, 2, and 3. Concepts covered in Level 4 include simultaneously playing triads with both hands; chord inversions; 6/8 and 12/8 compound rhythm; hand crossovers; inner and outer ledger notes; 1st and 2nd endings; descending harmonic minor scale; major scale pattern; the seven flats and the seven sharps in order; scale analysis; key signatures; melodic and harmonic intervals; root chords and inversions; dotted eighth/sixteenth rhythms; boogie form;  different types of accent marks; compositional form; the history of common time; pattern, sequence, phrase, and motive; "turtle-ing"; break sign; The Circle of Fifths; and Mayron's Memory Helper Hand for Sharp Scales and Flat Scales.


Ten of the compositions in Level 4 are classics by Beethoven, W. Mozart, L. Mozart, Couperin, Baumfelder, Rebikoff, J.S. Bach, and LeCouppey. Each classic was specifically chosen to teach Level 4 concepts, and music history essays compliment the classics.


(Level 4 is exactly the same material as the previously printed Level 4A and Level 4B of The Mayron Cole Piano Method.)

30 lessons

214 pages

15 original solos

13 classical solos

a six-piano ensemble

123 corresponding theory sheets

& music history lessons

major and harmonic minor

scales & cadences

glossary of musical terms

147 original drawings

graduates will progress to Level 5

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