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Level 5 Textbook

Level 5 Textbook

for graduates of Level 4

28 lessons

198 pages

13 original solos

15 classical solos

127 corresponding theory sheets

& music history lessons

major and harmonic minor

scales & cadences

glossary of musical terms

154 original drawings

Level 5 is an intermediate piano book for graduates of Level 4 and builds directly on the knowledge from Levels 1, 2, 3, & 4. The compositions in this level have been especially written to keep teenage students motivated in piano with six of Mayron's popular circus compositions plus fifteen classical favorites including a fantastic “silent movie" version of Burgmuller’s The Chase! Level 5 contains a thorough study of triplet and sixteenth note rhythm combinations including alternating between eighth notes, triplets, and sixteenth notes in a composition; grace notes; upper, lower, and inner ledger notes; chain chords; chord inversions; stem rules; D.S. al Coda; twelve music history stories; studies of sharp and flat scales including Mayron's Memory Helper Hands, Mayron's Circle of Fifths song, and The Great Scale Detective cases; major and harmonic minor scales & cadences; and a glossary of musical terms.


(Level 5 is exactly the same material as the previously printed Level 5A and Level 5B of The Mayron Cole Piano Method.)

graduates will progress to Level 6

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