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Level 6 Textbook

Level 6 Textbook

for graduates of Level 5

Level 6 is an intermediate piano book for graduates of Level 5 and builds directly on the knowledge from Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5. Level 6, voted the students' favorite book of the entire Mayron Cole Piano Method, has music which follows “the great outdoors” theme with seventeen original Mayron compositions, plus four classical dances. Level 6 pieces progress from no flats or sharps up to four flats or up to three sharps, so becoming proficient at playing key signatures couldn’t be easier. Level 6 compositions have corresponding theory sheets that include concepts such as building major, minor, augmented & diminished chords with major and minor thirds; studies of sharp and flat scales including Mayron's Memory Helper Hands; The Primary Chord Detective cases; Mayron's Circle of Fifths song; major and harmonic minor scales & cadences; and a glossary of musical terms.



(Level 6 is exactly the same material as the previously printed Level 6A and Level 6B of The Mayron Cole Piano Method.)

26 lessons

246 pages

17 original solos

7 classical solos

a three-piano ensemble

144 corresponding theory sheets

& music history lessons

4 rhythm tap exercises

major and harmonic minor

scales & cadences

glossary of musical terms

179 original drawings

graduates will progress to Level 7

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