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Level 7 Textbook

Level 7 Textbook

for graduates of Level 6

18 lessons

130 pages

12 original solos

4 classical solos

an improvisation lesson

68 corresponding theory sheets

& music history lessons

2 rhythm tap exercises

major and harmonic minor

scales & cadences

glossary of musical terms

63 original drawings

Level 7 is for graduates of Level 6 and builds directly on the knowledge from Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6. The Level 7 advanced intermediate piano book contains twelve of Mayron's popular advanced solos plus four classical solos, and two improvisation lessons. Level 7 theory concepts include: 5/4 rhythm; identifying perfect, major, & minor intervals; relative minor scales; simple, compound, & asymmetrical meter; the Memory Helper Hand for Sharps & Flats; legato pedaling; improvisation; major and harmonic minor scales & cadences; and a glossary of musical terms. Also included are biographies of three composers; Music History Through the Ages; a lesson on using parallel minors in performance.




(Level 7 is exactly the same material as the previously printed Level 7A and Level 7B of The Mayron Cole Piano Method.)

graduates will progress to Level 8

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