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Christian B.:  I have just discovered your method, and I have to say it is really amazing - one of the best methods I have ever seen and it fills a gap I've been trying to cover for years as a private teacher with various supplemental methods and handouts, your books are a complete method which covers those frequently under-served areas of rhythm and reading, and engaging activities to reinforce skills with many hands-on activities for younger children. The illustrations of children are a beautiful touch and also deserve a mention, I believe that ALL of my students will see some of themselves in them. Bravo!


Lydia S.: Thank you so much for this resource!  When I had to transition to teaching my high school piano classes online, this was so helpful since I didn't have method books to send a hard copy home with every student.  I was so excited to discover your free method and so thankful all the time and care you obviously put into it.  Thank you.


Jacques M.:  A continent away and COVID so we will likely never meet but I wanted to thank you for all of the amazing work that you have done.


Aeonie O.:  I’m a 16 year old girl who has only recently started playing piano in lockdown and has managed to keep the habit up thanks to your delightful free resources. I can’t tell you how helpful all of the worksheets and soundtracks have been in helping a musical late-bloomer begin to turn her dreams into reality.


Chip C.: I wrote and received a grant for a new class piano lab that I started this year. My Yamaha trainer recommended Free Piano Method. I have been using the ensemble pieces. My students love them! They are very engaged when we play our ensemble pieces. We used several of these pieces at our first piano recital. They were great! Thank you for providing this for free to students and teachers. It's such a wonderful resource!


Ulsbold E.:  You can’t imagine how tremendous your method has been to us and our students. Many happy returns!


Emily M.:  I have used your method with my beginner students for years.  I remember when I first found you and got so excited about your method and group teaching.  I remember calling and talking to you personally about my questions.  It was amazing to me that I could talk to you in person as well as your daughter Colleen.  You were both so helpful.  It is wonderful now that your method is free! I still mostly buy the books on Amazon for my students but it is so handy to be able to download things and send links to my students for the play along tracks.  Recently I was talking to a teacher friend of mine in Canada.  I had introduced her to your method years ago and she had recently passed the news along to a music teacher who was trying to start a piano program at his school. Due to COVID restrictions they couldn't have a school band anymore and he wanted to try a group music class. He was at a loss on how to do it but she told him about your method and he has been using it with great success.  Thanks again.


Genithia H.: This piano method is such a blessing. Thank you for developing it so thoughtfully and for graciously making it available to us for free upon your retirement.


John S.: I've been a jazz and rock guitarist since I was 15, and I've always wanted to learn piano. I just discovered your books, and I'm excited to work through them. Thanks for putting this into the world!


Sue G.: I have long recognized that rhythm was the foundation for playing, and I selected your method for teaching based on your prioritization of rhythm as the cornerstone for all other music knowledge.  Thank you for your efforts.


Robin S.: Still using and loving your method. COVID is not allowing for groups right now but planning to start groups back in the fall. Thanks again for this wonderful teaching material.


Katie K.:  Your passion for music education and your generosity in sharing your talents and life’s work have inspired my family and so many of my students.  My nephew has plowed through your courses and now studies piano as an elective in college! He has long passed my abilities as a professional organist and spends hours honing his craft.  As an educator, I have appreciated the ability to use your easy-to-read and progressive materials that work both for my piano students and my general music classes.  I am even more grateful for the opportunity you have provided me to offer free learning materials to my students who otherwise would not be able to afford piano books. Your hard work and love for students comes across through the music. Thank you, again, for making it possible for my students to continue growing their musicianship and instrumental skills in this unusual COVID-19 influenced school year.  Since we are unable to play recorders in third grade, we are now learning piano!  Using a piano app and your method materials, I am able to work with an entire class at the same time while challenging students on their individual experience level.  Without your materials, this would be almost impossible. Thank you for all you have done for the field of music education.


Tony C.: Thank you for your kind and generous offer of your educational methods to the world. The idea that your teachings will inspire others to take up the piano and make beautiful music is a great comfort in these troubled times. Music is life and the world is a better place for it.


Mary R.: I teach piano in such a different way since I started using your method books, taking one of your workshops, and speaking with you numerous times. I thank you for that! I appreciate having the method books available. Thank you so much! Blessings to you!


Sarah M.: I sincerely hope you have a marvelous 80th birthday!  Seems like it was not that long ago you turned 50 and invited all your friends over and announced that you were publishing your own piano method. At least that was the story you told at a workshop.  I came home from that workshop and immediately called my mom to ask for a loan to buy some keyboards.  The rest is history.  Even after all these years, I am still teaching.  What a noble and wonderful thing  you did making this method free.  When Covid hit,and I had to go online, I knew exactly what I could do!  Your site has been a Godsend!  While I am no longer teaching groups, I find that I do have some students who thrive on your music, particularly the kids who are ADHD or who have learning disabilities. Thank you so much.


Laura D.: The Lord has richly blessed me thru you!!! During the lock down with help of your website I was blessed to be able to teach on Zoom. Without your website, I would not have been able to stay afloat.


Joanne B.: I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the Mayron Cole Piano method! 2 years ago I began converting my private studio over to small groups of 4 students. The students love the lessons, and the change has totally recharged my studio! My students are becoming great staff-note readers, and great rhythm counters. The ensembles are such fun. After teaching private piano lessons for 25 years, I only wish I had found the Mayron Cole workshop much, much sooner. I adore Mayron Cole and her method!


Dr. Karen B.: There is something special about this method--the students are more proficient at sight-reading, counting rhythms, and keeping a steady beat than most of the privately taught students. There is a high level of energy in the studio, the classes are fast-paced, fun, and informative, and students eagerly practiced their pieces to play together every week. I have found that when students have friends their own age in a class, they are more motivated to learn, they form a cohesive group, and have a lower dropout rate. Students seemed to work harder at pleasing their friends in group piano lessons than they would work for a teacher at a private lesson. The method works best for new beginning students, as privately trained students are not used to keeping beats steady enough to play in a a group.


Troy B.: The Mayron Cole Piano Method's strongest point is that it enables teachers to make readers out of their students instead of rote players or memorizers. This method systematically teaches students to read music instead of fingering numbers! Mayron's method is helping me teach 6,7,and 8 year old kids to read and play without asking questions like "Where is C" or "What note is that?" Instead of spending hours trying to learn a piece that is far above their reading level, students are asked to read pieces that reinforce and challenge the skills they already possess. Students feel successful when they play these Mayron Cole pieces.


Tonjia W.: The Mayron Cole Piano Method uses a very logical order of learning which makes it much easier for students to understand. What I like best about the method is the songs. They are easy enough for the students to play and build confidence, yet the music includes new concepts which challenge the students. Students like the books because the music is original and fun. The orchestrated accompaniments add to the mood and setting of the songs and give the music extra 'umph'! The Fun Sheets from the books are also unique and creative. The teaching techniques that I learned from Mayron's seminar work great in my classroom. My piano classes go much smoother now, and the students are advancing at a faster pace. But most importantly, the students are developing a love for playing the piano.


Rosemary H.: A lot of my inspirations come from a very delightful composer whose piano method I have used since 1989. Let me fill you in. I met a vivacious, lively piano teacher at a convention who was presenting her piano method books, and I thought: If her music is as lively as this lady, I must listen.  I heard Mayron Cole present her music books and decided that for the first time since graduation with a master's degree in 1986, I had finally found something that would work successfully with my students. That was decades ago and this is the only method book that I have used continuously through these past years. It works! The students enjoy her creative music, and the progression of concepts (which are presented more than once!) is solid and logical.  Thank you, Mayron, for all the inspiration you give us, for the music that is delightful and works, and for making it all fun.


Sarah C.: It has been my privilege for many years to include students in my studio who have special needs--disabilities because of vision problems, epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy, and mental retardation. Because The Mayron Cole Piano Method is written in a clear, non-cluttered format with large print, this has been my preferred curriculum to help these children learn and read music. Other methods present too much information too soon, but this method is a step-by-step, methodical approach that continually builds on material that has been previously presented. For this reason, students are able to retain the information better and build a strong musical foundation. The worksheets are a wonderful reinforcement of concepts, and we especially love all the board games that Mayron has created. Because of this method, students who may not have had the opportunity to make music using other curriculums are now experiencing the joy of playing the piano for themselves. Mayron may never know how many lives she has touched through her hard work and dedication to bringing us the best!


Lindsey T.: You don’t know me but I owe my great start in piano to you. I’m now 35 years old but when I was about 10, I started piano with your method in a five day summer course in Louisiana with Mrs Juanita M. She had a little piano studio out of her home with digital pianos where she taught with your method. My husband and I just bought a piano for our growing little family yesterday and I started thinking about how I’d like to teach my sons and remembered your method. I still have a red Mayron Cole binder for your music. Anyhow, I looked up your curriculum and am really impressed by what I see. I made a lot of quick progress in the couple of years I spent using your method but then once I switched teachers and went to a different method, I slowed down a lot. All of the sudden, it was taking me months to learn new music. Now that I have a family, I really want to be that “village musician” you describe on your website. Again, thank you so much for all you’ve done!


Patty B.: The Mayron Cole Piano Method is a unique, innovative and enjoyable way for students of all ages to learn to play the piano. Hallmarks of the program include teaching the student to think for him/herself and developing musicality in each student. To achieve these goals, Mayron emphasizes note reading, consistent counting, and creative thought in each lesson. The method may be used for teachers who offer private and/or group lesson formats. The Mayron Cole Method offers a wonderful change from the "traditional piano method" diet. Students who progress through each level will emerge as independent musicians who can read, write, and create music. And for those teachers who already are convinced of the power of group piano lessons, or for teachers who may wish to offer group piano lessons but aren't sure how to get started, Cole's method provides surefire teaching aids and pedagogical advice which are sure to be a success with both students and teachers.


Anne H.:  A large part of my  training for my piano pedagogy major was analyzing music curriculum. I actually analyzed fifteen different music courses from beginning to end while still in college! You might find analyzing music curriculum to be boring. But for me, it is totally intriguing – I love it! I dig into a music curriculum and study every little facet -- just like a detective looking for clues! I analyze a curriculum from start to end. How does it all fit together? What are the small parts? You see, a good piano curriculum doesn’t happen by accident. It is well thought out and follows a specific path and meets a student’s learning style! There must be (1) a concrete level or kinesthetic level where the student actually experiences new theory concepts through a hands-on approach – (at my studio, this is done at theory game time!); (2) a visual level where the student works theory pages; (3) an application level where the student plays the new music using the theory concepts just learned; and, (4) an abstract level where the student retains the concept and applies the learned knowledge to new pieces she encounters in the future. Have you ever taught a piano method that presents a musical concept one time, and then that concept is never mentioned again? Most piano methods present a concept visually and students have not experienced it. Therefore, they cannot transfer it to the highest level – the abstract level. Unless the teacher remembers to reinforce that concept at later lessons, the student will quickly forget that the concept was ever taught in the first place. And when that particular bit of musical knowledge is needed again in order to play some future musical composition, it will be long gone from the student’s head! So the teacher must re-teach the concept again! And again! And again! That type of curriculum, although commonly found in many piano methods, is not structurally sound. And it is exhausting for the poor teacher. Because of my fascination with studying piano methods, I have tried many different ones through the years. But I could never find a piano method that had everything that I was looking for in a good curriculum, until a friend said that her cousin in Illinois was using THE MAYRON COLE PIANO METHOD, and was very pleased with it. After some research, I immediately began teaching THE MAYRON COLE PIANO METHOD to some of my private students and to my beginner group piano students. Naturally, I also began an in-depth analysis of Mayron’s piano method curriculum. Here is what I have found: THE MAYRON COLE PIANO METHOD is the best piano method out there! No other piano method comes close in comparison! I am no longer looking for a new and better piano method. I have found it! Everything that I have been looking for in a music curriculum is in THE MAYRON COLE PIANO METHOD. And it is truly a complete method! There are no learning gaps! This is the only curriculum that I’ve ever studied that meets every student’s needs -- even special education students. It is a joy to teach, and it has been a pleasure to study the curriculum in depth!


Linda K.: I cannot say enough good things about your piano method. I frequently get transfer students and when I test them in regards to placement with a new piece of music, usually the first sentence is "where do I put my hands?" This gives me an opportunity to explain why it is so important to read music instead of just finger numbers. The parents of The Mayron Cole Piano Method are amazed at the progress of their children. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you in person and take your workshops a number of years ago.


Carolyn H.: Just a note to share with you my miracle story. My music education was completed as a young woman. After 31 years of working in an office for someone else, I was forced to retire at the age of 55. Talk about depression. I sat looking out the window and wondered what I was to do with the rest of my life. I could not afford to retire and where does one start over at that age? My daughter called Mayron and visited with her about my situation and Mayron said if I loved children and was enthusiastic I should think about opening my own studio. So, in January 2001, Carolyn's Keyboard Corner opened with 2 students. March 2001 the studio's enrollment was 31. May 2001 was recital month and 150 people were present! The summer was upon me and I plunged into Blast Off classes. Three weeks in June and July I held these classes and picked up 25 new students. All along the phone has continued to ring and I enroll new students. One year later, January 2002, my count is 74 students. The first semester in 2001 was scary, but I plunged in like I knew what I was doing. When you are 55, you don't have a lot of time to waste. My teaching technique is getting stronger and I am thankful for this wonderful opportunity. Music can change lives. Thanks Mayron for your support.


Sherry G.: After 4 years as a private teacher, I changed to your group format this fall. I found your curriculum in an internet search, while I was looking for ideas to inspire my students, (and me!) last spring. I could tell many of them were losing interest (I was getting bored myself!) and was already seeing shrinking enrollment and income on the horizon! After studying the curriculum and going to your workshop in Houston, I decided to take the plunge into group teaching.  I have already doubled my enrollment from last spring. I started my Fall semester this week, using The Mayron Cole Method, and now I have to thank you for one of the most rewarding week of teaching piano I have ever experienced. I am re-energized by the prospects of group teaching. As a single Mom, I think this is a wonderful way to be available for my kids and still work and earn the income we need to survive. I have already quit my weekend job, and that alone has given me the gift of LOTS more time and energy for my kids. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I so appreciate your creativity and dedication to your piano curriculum!!!


Lauren T.: I am starting up with group classes this week after having done four "open house" piano demonstrations since December. EVERY SINGLE person that came to one of my demos signed up for piano classes or Kindermusik. My studio has doubled since last week and the day is still young! I can't seem to even open up a new class before it is filled! I'm excited!


Stell K.: I've been using The Mayron Cole Piano Method since 1990, switching from private to group lessons. With Mayron's help and guidance, I have become successful in gaining more students, enlarging my studio, and raising my own confidence and self-esteem. I also have had many teachers contact me and asking all kinds of questions about the piano method. Many of these teachers are now successful in teaching group piano. I can't say enough about the Mayron Cole Piano Method, and I get positive feed back from parents.


Madalyn S.: Only God knows how deeply grateful I am to Mayron Cole and her wonderful piano method. It has been the main source of my family's income since 1988, and I still have to pinch myself when I think about how awesome it is that I get to do this! My daughter Melanie began taking lessons from Mayron Cole when Melanie was 11 years old. I am a pianist and had taught some private piano lessons through the years and I must admit that I was very leery of the whole group piano concept. But because of Mayron Cole's appealing personality, I started Melanie taking piano with her, and loved it. During that period of time, I was a single mother of three. Mayron began talking with me about becoming a group piano teacher myself. She had begun publishing her music and was teaching other teachers her wonderful piano teaching skills. I knew first-hand that her group piano method worked, so after much thought, research, and prayer, I opened my first group piano studio in September of 1988. I began teaching in my home with 18 students that I'd obtained through word-of-mouth. What a beginning! By the fall of 1991 and ever year since, I have had a piano studio in my home where I average 65 students per school year. I now teach five students at a time and I only work 3 hours a day on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing this piano method has been in my life. I have had lots of students make it all the way through The Mayron Cole Piano Method. I have even had local public school music teachers call me asking about the piano method because they were so impressed with my students who were in their music classes at school. I know that I have the gift of teaching and truly enjoy encouraging students and seeing them grasp the piano playing concept. But The Mayron Cole Piano Method has given me the tools with which to teach. In looking at other piano teaching methods on the market, there is nothing to compare with this piano method. Mayron Cole herself is a musical genius, and for that I am grateful. I consider it a privilege to share in her genius.


Jackie W.: Mayron, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my students the past 12 years. Two of my students have been accepted for the second year to attend the week long Piano Academy at John Brown University.  This is for high school students and they only accept 12 from several states on an audition basis.  It's an intense week of practicing piano and learning from top professors of music. It ends with a recital. Another one of my piano students just graduated from Ohio State University with a music major. I have several kids playing for church and also accompanist for the local high school play, and the list could keep going.  One of my top students has started teaching some of the younger students that I don't have space for. I would not teach any other method.  It makes so much sense, and the out come is amazing.  I have a little 8 year old girl that is ready for 4-A.  She has a very supportive mother and has her lesson perfect every week.  There are those exceptional children!


Vickie W: Thank you so much. I am 64 years old and just learning to play the piano. I have used your method since Day 1. It's been a life long dream to play, and  your method has helped me so much to learn on my own, at my own pace. I think it also helps with treat the arthritis my hands, too. You all do great work, just so you know. Never forget that.


Emily M.: My studio has been up and going for about six weeks now and I have never had so much fun teaching.  My students have learned so much more in the last six weeks than my private students did in the three months. And I've learned more from watching Mayron's and Colleen's videos than I feel like I learned during my whole college career.  I am definitely more aware of how to present beginning material than I was three months ago.  I'm really excited about the long term possibilities that your method presents.  I'm particularly taken with Pre-Level 1. I think it is genius to spend more time on pre-reading so kids really internalize rhythm concepts and keyboard geography before the are presented with staff reading.  Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your program You are great! Thanks again.


Jeanie H.: I have been teaching piano lessons for 16 years and the Mayron Cole Piano Method is by far the best curriculum that I have used in class. The material is introduced in such a way that is very thorough and easy to follow. My students love working and coloring the theory pages as well. Thank you Ms Mayron for making music so enjoyable to learn!


Phillda N.: Dear Mayron Cole, I'm an American, who came to East Africa via the United Presbyterian Church USA. I teach piano in Nairobi at Paa Ya Paa Arts Centre, the first indigenous arts and cultural centre in independent Kenya. I came across your teaching method from the internet. I decided to look among my community here in the Ridgeways area of Nairobi. There is an orphanage nearby and in another area, a program for street boys. I offered my services to these two groups for free so that I get an opportunity to practice your group teaching style. I have never seen a piano method like yours that engages children so creatively in the early years. They love to be able to color their sheets, they love the games, they love tapping the rhythm exercises and to be able to play ensemble right from the start. The orphans joined our regular lessons when we were almost finished rehearsing for a concert, and I really wanted to include them in, but they hadn't learned enough to put them on the piano with a piece. So we did a tapping rhythm exercise for the audience using tambourines, shakers, a kayamba traditional instrument and a drumstick. They enjoyed and the audience enjoyed. Also when the 5 street boys joined we were nearing another concert and so I decided to give them one piece with 5 parts (an ensemble) and let them play that one together. I held my breath when they started just hoping they would be able to carry it through without too many hitches. Was I surprised when they started and stopped on the correct notes throughout, and their faces were beaming! I have also noticed that your operettas really bring out the talent in them that they had never yet been able to tap. I have discovered a couple of actors/actresses, soloists, and dancers among them and music has just been an all around enjoyable experience for us all.


Colette F.: Love your method.  I've been teaching your method since 1995. The Fun sheets and rhythm taps are wonderful. Great reinforcement. I appreciate the approach to music concepts which are concise and clear. MC books raise the bar compared to other main methods. I wish I had discovered you in the beginning of my career back in the 70's! Thank you Mayron!


Amy R.: Dear Mayron, I just wanted to give you a heads up that you are about to receive a very large order from my school. We have used your method book during these past 5 years, and are seeing some great results with the curriculum.  We are so fortunate to be able to offer group piano as a core class in our school, and this year, I will have around 130 students studying the piano!  Thank you.


L. Conner: Mayron, Thank you very much! I love your method and have found that it is the ONLY piano method that effectively and consistently teaches note reading, rhythm and the love of music. My teaching has never been the same since I began using this method 17 years ago. I have so many band director's over the years thank me for how well the students know how to read notes and what great "counters" they are. I always give the credit to Mayron!


L. Olsen: I love the way this method teaches students to READ music, not just memorize finger numbers and rhythm patterns etc. I feel like this method is excellent in teaching all aspects of music. My students are becoming great sight reading pianist!


Tamara S. in Tanzania: Hello Mrs. Cole, Your materials have been a blessing to many an African child that otherwise would never have the opportunity for piano lessons. Thank you for such wonderful teaching materials.  You have a wonderful gift that is a blessing to many.


K. D.: Colleen, I know you and your family hear this all the time, but your method is so pedagogically sound....and fun....for the kids and the teacher!  I've been using your method and teaching groups for almost 3 years and it has been fabulous.....doesn't compare to the 20 years prior.  I really wish it would have been presented in my piano pedagogy class years ago. I'd love to see your method get the same 'airtime' as (some other methods) at the university level. Thanks again!


Dee Ann: Dear Mayron, I wanted to tell you that the beginning piano class I started at my school last fall has been so successful that we've added another class of level 2 piano, and there were so many students wanting to take beginning piano, we have a waiting list of 33!

Your materials are great for group piano, and at our Piano Open Houses, we always have students teach one of their parents a song so they will see how challenging it can be as well as rewarding! Thanks again for your help.


Eugenia P.: Mayron, Again I have to buy a second set of parts because of the popularity of the Christmas Ensemble. Once students heard other students participating in a group Ensemble, everyone wanted to join a group. I am doubling some of the parts. Next year we may have a "monster" concert. The students love playing together, learning together, and truly making music together. They really feel so special. Thanks for making this a wonderful holiday experience!


Mary Kaye A: Dear Mayron, I have 50+ students. All of my young beginning students start with Pre-Level One and the older ones with the Older Beginner books. I have mostly private students but started a 4-5 year old music class that is a foundation class of Pre-Level One keyboard geography and rhythm as well as stories, puppets, and movement. Kids love it. It sets them up well for next year's more formal/structured basic early private piano lessons. Thanks for all the help all these years!


Anonymous:  Mayron, I found this on the internet and thought that you would like to see it:


"Eight years ago, before moving to Barrow County, Dr. Karen Bernard was introduced to a new piano method while teaching home-schooled children at a commercial music studio. Bernard was impressed with the students who were instructed in the Mayron Cole Piano Method. There was something special about this method--the students were more proficient at sight-reading, counting rhythms, and keeping a steady beat than most of the privately taught students. There was a high level of energy in the studio, the classes were fast-paced, fun, and informative, and students eagerly practiced their ensemble pieces to play together every week.


Having been privately taught as a child, and having taught private piano lessons for years, Bernard decided to further investigate group piano instruction versus traditional private lessons. Anne Haacke, a Masters Degree candidate in piano pedagogy, had published results of her in-depth analysis and comparison of the 15 most widely used piano instruction methods. She concluded that a group setting is a stronger approach to learning staff note reading, theory concepts, and accurate rhythm counting. After testing all 15 piano curricula on her students, Haacke found the Mayron Cole method to be best for presenting new material and reviewing theory concepts; the material is sequential, so there were no learning gaps between students.


Haacke also pointed out that students of the Mayron Cole method advanced at a faster pace and seemed to be developing a life-long love of playing the piano. The group method differs from other popular methods in that children are taught note reading rather than finger-pattern reading, rote playing, or memorization. According to Mayron Cole, "finger position reading may give quick results, but the child is too often musically illiterate and hits a 'brick wall' without the hand positions." She explains that that is why you hear so many adults say they took piano years ago, but don't read music now.  The research convinced Bernard to pursue training to teach piano in a group environment.


Bernard recalled that during her college years, most undergraduate college music majors were required to complete a year or two of a piano minor in a group piano lab before taking private lessons. There were numerous college-level methods available for adult group piano, but few written for children. Mayron Cole decided to write a curriculum for group piano instruction using the latest keyboard technology.


After training to teach the Mayron Cole piano method, Dr. Bernard began teaching her first piano group. She found that when students had friends their own age in a class, they were more motivated to learn, they formed a cohesive group, and had a lower dropout rate. Practice and performance levels were raised due to each student vying for greater correctness on scales and pieces. Students seemed to work harder at pleasing their friends in group piano lessons than they would work for a teacher at a private lesson. The method worked best for new beginning students, as privately trained students were not used to keeping beats steady enough to play in an ensemble.


Bernard found that the ensemble experience turned out better band and orchestra students, as well as church musicians. The author of this group method finds it interesting that "often pianists are trained privately, but are expected to accompany choirs on Wednesdays, and play along with church organists on Sundays." Ms. Cole believes that part of each pianist's training should be playing piano with other musicians, and following a conductor. As a singer and voice/piano teacher, Bernard would also stress the importance of being able to accurately accompany vocal soloists and ensembles. She contacted Ms. Cole and found that only two other studios in Georgia currently offered the Mayron Cole group method. Bernard wondered if there were students for whom group lessons would not be a good fit. She learned that two types of students would do better in private instruction: musical prodigies (rare) and below-average students.


Bernard decided to offer the Mayron Cole piano method in Barrow County, and purchased a new set of Yamaha electric grand pianos for her piano lab. The pianos have full-size, touch-sensitive keys, excellent stereo sound, and are portable for performing recitals and Christmas programs in various locations."


Anthony P.: Hello. I am in love with your methods book by the way. The sequencing is wonderful and the attention to note reading is just outstanding! I know how frustrating finger number dependence can be. I've been searching a long time for a method that breaks this habit. Again, thank you so much for everything. Have a great day!


Amy R.: Hi, Mayron! I have 10 digital pianos, and most of my classes have 10 students.  This year, I have 93 students taking piano…..AWESOME!!!!! Thanks for your great materials.  They are thorough, fun, and the kids are really learning. Some students will be starting Level 9 soon! Thank you!


Paul P.: Mayron, There is a plethora of piano method books available. This is the only one that you can hand to a brand new teacher that has not taken any classes on how to prepare a lesson and have them be successful in the very first lesson. Any beginning teacher that wants to learn how to be a good piano teacher will learn how by teaching from the Pre-Level One Teacher's Manual. Not only that, but most piano students do not know how to sight read and one of the big reasons is they do not learn how to count. Any teacher that uses this course as written will have students that know how to count!


K.B.: Mayron, I love the Mayron Cole Piano Method! I learned how to play the piano with it 21 years ago, and today, I am teaching the next generation with this method. So blessed to have this method!


Bernie K.: Mayron, Your program has been a blessing to me. Thanks for the many years!


Terri P.: Mayron,The Pre-Level One Teacher's Manual is great. It takes you step by step through each lesson. Easy to follow and flexible. Helpful teaching tips are included.


J. A.: Mayron, Thank you so much!  Bless you!  My children are thoroughly enjoying this program.  And I love listening to them play the beautiful songs over and over and over again!


R. Scherer: Mayron, It's been a wonderful journey these many years teaching your curriculum.


Sierra L.: Dear Mrs. Cole, I've been a piano teacher for 7 years and have enjoyed the many students and classes I've been able to teach. But one of the coolest experiences I've had was teaching 30, 6-7 year olds of the Cheti School/Orphanage in Tanzania, Africa. With your Blast Off Junior books, 3 roll out keyboards, and lots of energetic, willing to learn kids, piano was sure fun in Tanzania! They loved learning rhythms and especially loved the "D is the Doggie" song. Playing piano was a completely new experience for them and I was so excited to be able to bring and share one of my favorite talents.

Now that I'm home from Africa, I can feel grateful knowing they will keep up the piano as I was able to teach the teachers the piano course to now put into their school curriculum. A big thank you for writing such a fun course that excites children all around the world!


Vickie L.: Mrs Cole, I hope I have the honor of meeting you one day. I just love your method. You were kind enough to take time one day to share with me over the phone how to understand the overtone series. (new to me!) I can arrange music-hymns etc...just because I can hear it. I have no idea what the heck I'm doing..:( I just hear it. Any way, NOW I know what it is I'm hearing, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, I can teach it! (See: the composition section of Level 9). Anyone who is new to teaching piano has such a wealth of information available from your method, I am sooo happy to have found The Mayron Cole Series. I am very very excited about teaching composing this summer! Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!


Susan S.: Mayron, I love your products and know that they are always top notch!!!  I will be heading into my 15th year of using your curriculum.  I tell all of my parents that ask about it that it is the best out there, "If I had taken the time to write my own curriculum, this is what I would have written!"  Thank you Mayron, for all that you do for piano students and teachers and for music education!!!


R.M.: Hi Mayron! Thank you so much for the Cinderella Operetta! I had so much fun painting scenery and looking forward to seeing it onstage!! The 2014 show was wonderful! Over 1100 people came to the four performances, and they turned away more than 100 before the shows began due to capacity crowds! We may do a fifth show next year to assist with the demand. Is that awesome?? It is so neat to watch these kids grow in self confidence and stage presence, I thank you again for the fire you set under me back in 1996. You started it all.


Jeanie: Mayron, I have 4 classes this year and am so excited!  I went from teaching 5 private lessons in 2.5 hours to 4 classes (a little over 3 hrs.) with 10 children total (teaching all on 1 day!) Our spring recital went well last year. Thank you for the support you all have given over time. Love your music!


Dorla A: Hello, Mayron. For Piano Camp this summer I had 13 students ages 5 to 11 work on Jack and the Beanstalk Operetta.  We learned it and performed it all in one week!  The students and the parents LOVED it.  We renamed it Jackie and the Beanstalk, had 2 cows, and a Con Lady.  Thanks for all your hard work!!!


Lucia: Hi Mayron, I found your teaching method just by researching the internet and I've got very excited by it. It's really very interesting and fun, but educational as well. Totally different concept than I grew up with. I live in England but originally from Slovakia, where music lessons were not fun at all. I love it that now I can teach kids and we can all have fun together and they can love their piano lessons.


Liz M.: Hi, I know that you don't know me, but I just wanted to send you a note to say thanks for the wonderful piano curriculum that you created. I found myself in the position at age 55 of needing to provide for myself and my children. Unfortunately, my full-time job just didn't cover our house payment. Since I needed to keep my full time job, and didn't have the time or confidence to start a studio without help, I found your method to be just the help I needed! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and your family!! Thanks for being such a blessing to me and my family and doing what God called you to do!


Melissa A.: Happy New Year Everyone! Business is so GREAT! I teach 45 students per week (right in the living room) and only teach and hour and half to two hours per day! Thank you for such a wonderful program -- all my families love it.


L. Townsend: Mayron: I started today with my group classes. I had one more demo today that ended up having maybe 8 kids show up. We had people coming in off the street rushing home to bring their kids back to try out class. I had a few come in and join one of my classes that started today as well. Signing up afterwards was like the ticket line at Disney world. This is awesome! I'll be making another order first thing in the morning because I had to add another class!


M. D.: Dear Mayron,  Back in the early days I traveled from Ohio to Texas to take your summer course and learn your group piano method. What a wonderful experience! Up until then I had taught private piano lessons in my living-room. When I came home from Texas I finished my basement so I had a wonderful room to set up my group piano studio. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had such fun and so did my students. In 1996 I sold my home and moved to my little house in sunny Arizona. I miss being able to teach group piano. I am now 73 and still love teaching private piano lessons because I learned from you how to make it successful and fun. This evening I began reminiscing about my visit to Texas and my group piano studio that followed. I am glad to see you are still going strong. I was remembering one little girl who didn't want to take piano lessons but her mother was insistent. I almost declined to take her as a student but her mother struck a bargain with her. She could take the dance class she wanted IF she would also take piano lessons.   .... and so we began.  She seemed to enjoy class and came prepared. About 4 weeks into the course, her mother called to say, "Guess who's quitting ....?" I was shocked because I thought the little girl was really enjoying her piano lessons. I must have jumped into the conversation a bit prematurely because the mother said, "Oh, no, she isn't quitting piano, she wants to quit dance." She loved her group piano. I decided I just want to thank you for helping me to become a better piano teacher. Also, a big thanks to your dear husband for the business part of a studio. Over the years I know I have made better business decisions because of the principles he taught.


Judy W.: I had a senior graduate this year and as I was going back to find the date that he first started lessons, I discovered that he was the first student I have had , as a senior, that started in Mayron Cole.  He started when he was 5 and I have had him for 13 years.  He is an amazing student and plays the best of any student I ever had.  I will have 2 more seniors next year that will have started in Mayron Cole also. When I have said over the years, that your curriculum is simply the best beginning curriculum, I have students that have proven it.  They can play just about anything you put in front of their face, with a little practice, of course.  They seem to not be intimidated by anything.  Thanks a million -- you make me look good as a teacher and you have helped enable me to keep students through their senior year in record numbers for this studio!


JoAnn: I just finished with all of my “end of the year” recitals, 7 in all!!! It’s always a hectic time, but everything went better than expected and everyone was very happy! This past week we were having our last lesson of the school year and something happened that I just had to share with you….  I was just finishing up a meeting with my fellow teachers as my first class of the day entered the room.  I walked into the waiting room to greet the parents when one of the teachers called me back into the room…  she was amazed!  There they were, four of the sweetest little 6 year olds…. They were counting off and playing one of their recital songs ALL BY THEMSELVES….. without me leading them!!!!  I wanted to cry with joy!!! They continued to count and play each and every recital song…. Counting all together as I stood there and watched!!  My pride level was through the roof!! They were so proud of themselves! There it was…. Proof positive….. “Mayron Cole’s Method” and Group Teaching… a winning combination!  When you see something like that, it just makes all of the hard work so worthwhile! Thanks again Mayron for inspiring me … All The Best!!!


K.H.: Colleen, Thanks for your time and patience. I have almost 60 students now in just one summer plus a school year of teaching MC to groups. It's been a great hit! I had enough students to have my first summer recital yesterday and I've been teaching a long time. My students increased over the summer instead of dropping off. For those private students who stayed around, they've really learned how to work together with the group and I'm so proud of them.


S.G.: Hello Mayron and Colleen: I just wanted to share a very positive story about one of my piano students. I had a mom stop by the studio about 2 months ago to talk with me about whether there was anyway we could help her visually impaired 8 year old daughter find a way to take piano lessons. M.... (the daughter) has limited vision because of a problem with her retinas. She must always wear dark glasses, is colorblind, and can only see very large print. Mom had talked to a couple of other teachers without much success, and wanted to know if there was any way we could help. I walked back to my office and picked up a copy of your Level 1 book, handed it to the mom, and said: “Would this work?”. Mom lit up like a Christmas tree!! M..... started lessons that week, and has FINISHED half of the Level 1 book in 8 lessons. The print is a very readable size for her. Mom says that M...... has been wanting to learn piano for 2 years and they couldn’t find anyone with the right resources to help her. I thought you would like to hear about how your books are making one little girl’s musical dreams come true. I can’t wait to see how fast we get through the rest of Level 1!


Gay P.: Dear Bill and Mayron and Colleen, Today I taught the pedagogy class on Group Piano at Boise State University for Dr. Del Parkinson. Even though I do this each spring, I never teach it the same way twice. We had 7 students and I started on the floor with note cards of 2 quarters and 2 eight notes saying, "Are these the same or different?" I have always started this lecture and every group class with the identical words and props. Is there any other way to start a class?!!! Then I used the Rabbit Game to reinforce the rhythms and handed out plastic keyboards to do the rhythms on notes. Then we talked about how to teach to the group and not individual lessons and not embarrass a student with the wrong answers but have the class as a whole do the item (rhythm clapping in this case after I had primed a "student" to do it incorrectly) until he could get it right. Next I hand out a sheet with Mayron's info on why teach in groups, what kind of child will adapt to groups, and why not to teach in groups (only if you don't want to make a decent living!). I always hand out a green sheet (for money, natch) on Finances from Bill's lecture showing how the fictional teacher charges XXX amount, registration fee and collection of tuitions. I give them my contract/registration sheets which are edited from what Mayron gave us and give them permission to copy anything from them that they want. We also talk about "You have to look like a business, sound, smell and act like a business. And never apologize for charging a fair fee for a good product. I always warn them that they are representing Boise State's education program and never shortcut teaching well...or I will haunt them if Dr. Parkinson doesn't!!! Hope you are all well. Love to all.


J.C.:I have just completed day 4 of Blast Off and invited a fellow piano teacher to observe the class. She was 'blown away' and could not believe that the 7 and 8 year olds in the class could play all the rhythms perfectly (including eighth notes) and knew where all the keys were on the piano (at double speed too!).


K.H.: I have people calling every week for lessons. Where have they been all my life? This is just unbelievable that so many people suddenly want to take piano. Thanks for everything. 'm amazed. I have 47 students now. It is the most that I have ever had!


T.D.: Mayron and Colleen, I just wanted to say how much I love your method. I have been using it for over 2 years now. There is truly nothing like this method. I mostly take beginners, but have had transfers come that could not count and were having extreme difficulty reading. They were most of the time in Level 2 of other traditional methods. Within just a couple weeks of changing them over to the MC method they had greatly improved. One of those students today said, "This book has helped me read and count! Now I can even go back to my other method book and it is a lot easier to read." (This girl could not play very well and was practically in tears the first day because she was struggling reading and couldn't count.) This has happened many times over the past couple years. It is so exciting to hear them count steady and really read the notes! Parents just are thrilled with the success, but really I can not take full credit. This method is what makes the difference. If you want to teach in groups this is the only method that works! If you want happy students who practice this works! Parents do not even need to help them. You can not count on most parents to help with their busy schedules, but no worry MC method works anyway! Students go home confident and because of the confidence the students do not mind practicing. I have parents saying I wish I would have found you sooner. What a great compliment. Thanks to you for developing such a great method!


Lynnette A.: I taught this to my 5 year old son two years ago, and am now teaching it to my 5 year old daughter. Why I love this method: This method is the best for really ingraining note values and counting into kids' heads. It also teaches note reading before finger reading, which is rare to find and SO much better for the kids, especially if you're planning on moving your child(ren) to other instruments (I plan on focusing on string instruments later). I love the large size notes, the theory sheets, the easy-to-count beats under the notes. Basically all of it. I rave about this method to other moms--generally, you can tell how much musical background a mother has by how excited she gets by a method book that focuses on counting and learning note values! This is perfect for homeschooling parents or parents who wants to teach their own kids at home and are deciding what the best method would be for their kids.


Christine B.: My son started this level at age 5 and it was the perfect introduction to the keyboard and beginning music notation. Highly recommend this series.


Ellen B.: Effective, easy to use, large print format, page layout appropriate for age level. Young students enjoy the lyrics! Great starter for good musical foundation. Pre-Level 1 is excellent. I have recommended it for twenty years!!


Jill G.: This is a fabulous book for teaching very young children. It has big notes that are easy to read. The concepts are simple, cut concrete. It is not hand-position based. I love that.


Mary E.: I am teaching a 6 year old and after using several other methods which seemed complicated, she understood the first lesson of Mayron Cole so I am very encouraged.


Alisa C.: Simple, easy and exciting for my students. Thrilled to continue with the MC method.


Beverly R.: This is the most motivating and easiest method I've found for young children, class or private. I had some crazy notion of trying another method with one of my students at the beginning of this school year. It took me about 2 weeks to realize I'd made a mistake and switch back to Mayron's method. Lesson learned!


Mitzie G.: Started my 5-year old son with MC's Pre-1 in a music studio here last February. He loves it as it is easy for him to read and understand the notes. Activity sheets are also helpful to reinforce learning of notes & piano keys.


Ligeia: I am teaching a nine year old boy who has learning disabilities. Traditional methods were giving him far too much too quickly. I had discovered that reading rhythm came easily to him. Your method uses his strong skill, moves at a speed he can handle, and keeps the pages uncluttered which helps him to focus. I know this book is intended for group preschool lessons, but I also believe it can help non-traditional learners as well.


Theodecia S.: This is awesome for my little students.


Deborah A.: This book is wonderful for the younger students. Alternating between playing rhythms on the piano and reviewing concepts with games helps the younger children really internalize the information and prepares them well for Level 1.


Nancy D.: I love this collection. It works well for ALL of the instruments in our studio: piano, guitar, drums, saxophone. It is the best way to build great rhythm reading skills!


Jarae: I love the format of this book for young emerging readers. Easy for them to understand and follow.


Madeleine R.: I can't imagine using any other piano method for my youngest beginners, followed by Mayron Cole Level 1. Best foundation ever!! Thank you, thank you, Mayron!! This is either my 26th or 27th year of success with these beginning books!! Highly recommend!!


Natalie M.: The Pre-Level One book starts slow enough to get a beginning student on board, but moves along quick enough to keep their attention.


Anonymous: I have purchased this for my 6 year old son upon suggestion of his piano instructor. The book and the accompaniments were of great help to my son. My son loves to practice and sing the songs. This is a great way for a beginner to learn piano. We look forward to the other books as and when my son progress to next level.


Marjay G.: I am loving this course! My students can't wait to discover what the next lesson will bring. The pieces are creative, entertaining and easy to teach. I have been teaching private lessons for more than 15 years and had been looking for a piano curriculum to use for group teaching. This is so much fun to teach. Thank you so much.


Leslie M.: I love your beginner method. Nothing prepares early musicians better than keyboard geography and rhythm skills. Thank you for the easiest teaching method ever!


Michal: This book is great! This is the first time I am teaching group piano lessons, and my students are loving it! Thank you!


Robin S.: It is perfect for Piper! She is 5 years old, eager to learn, and learns quickly. We spent little time on the early exercises and moved on into the songs with notes. I like the activities in the book for reinforcement. I am convinced that Mayron Cole has the BEST piano curriculum on the market.


Paula E.: Having taught for ten years now, I have only had requests to instruct pre-schoolers on a few occasions. I very much enjoy using your materials as for the young learner, changing focus and many 'To Do' pages keep the four year old student engaged and moving forward.


T.P.: Pace of method works comfortably with younger students and keeps them motivated... especially with the coloring-friendly activities.


Jill G.: When parents ask me what they can do with their children who are five or six, I tell them about Mayron's Pre-1. This book is very instructive and has lots of repetition. An excellent choice to get younger children off to a good start!


Colleen R.: I've been using Mayon Cole method for years and it just seems to get better all the time. Thank you for providing me with the tools to help many young children build a good musical foundation.


Eva A.: I love this book! The unique music is especially helpful and the many theory pages are great.


Diane S.: Pre-One is one of my favorite levels in the Mayron Cole Group Method. It is perfect for 6 yr olds with the games, notes & just the right amount of theory. It leads right into the Level 1!


Christine B.: I was looking for something fun and easy, with a good progression, for a new 5-6 year old piano student. The Pre-1 level has fun pictures and worksheets that students can color and easily complete, even if they cannot read yet. Students first learn to read the rhythms and count, and then where the notes are on the piano, without worrying about reading a staff yet - this allows them to focus on one or two skills without overwhelming them, especially at this age. Great method.


Anonymous: I'm particularly taken with Pre-Level One. It is perfect for my little boy class of seven year olds. I thought it might be too easy for them, but not at all. The kids are working on Dark Forest this week and one of my students came up to me at church to tell me how well he could play it and how he had been practicing it a lot. I think it is genius to spend more time on pre-reading so kids really internalize rhythm concepts and keyboard geography before they are presented with staff reading.


Stephanie: The teaching methods in this book are very helpful for beginners (as well as teachers!). I love the all-in-one book system for practice songs, theory, and fun sheets.


Monica F.: Love this method! Kids don't get "stuck" in one position with anxiety about moving to another area of the keyboard. Also, the accompaniments are a great way to establish ensemble playing (even in private lessons!) and accurate rhythm from the very beginning. I play the mp3s from my phone with the Music Speer Changer app (and a Bluetooth speaker to boost the volume above the sound of the keyboard/piano) to give me endless flexibility with the tempo so the student can play accurately, even the first time! Can't say enough good things about this method. Keep up the good work!


Stephanie D.: I love the Mayron Cole Series. Level 1 is so accurate in helping new students learn how to read music. I am so thankful for being introduced to this Music series in 1996. It is the Best!!!


Madeleine R.: I love this book and have used it consistently with beginners for 25 years. I like the flexibility it provides in starting with the tapping on star keys only for brand new beginners who have had no previous piano or other instrument, or proceeding to the pieces on C-D-E for those who just need a refresher. I used it both ways this past week with new students and was so happy I have this trusted resource! Thank you for continuing to make it available!


Anonymous: My eight year old is loving this book. It is easy to follow and he is having a great time learning to play the piano!


Aleci S.: I think they are so gravitated to the fun rhythm pieces at the beginning that it sets the stage for all the rest of the fun that is coming in this book. Thanks for making the basic book so masterful for so many!


Walter G.: very good book. in a short amount of time my two kids ages 5 and 7 can both read music now because of this book.


Marisol Z.: My daughter's piano teacher requires this book for instruction, and she is learning very well and easily.


Clyde H.: I am 71 years old and got interested in trying to learn to play piano. Level 1 was a great beginning.


Natalie M.: I just began teaching piano this year and was in search of a method to use. My friend recommended Mayron Cole and I have not been disappointed! The books lead the students through a clear and systematic approach to piano skills and prepare them to be excellent sight readers. The concepts and notes are reviewed consistently to ensure that the students are truly learning the material before they move on to the next level. I have had a few transfer students who were still not confident in locating notes on the keyboard. I felt they could benefit if I took them back a level in Mayron Cole's books and I have seen immediate success and progress in their note retention and confidence at the keyboard. I look forward to many more years of teaching this method!


Michelle H.: My students and I ALL are enjoying our new materials.  Pre-reading is presented in such a manner that by the time staff reading comes along the students are SO prepared! It even seems easy to them at that point.  Thank you, Mayron, for developing such a sensible approach!


Kate K.: We recently received this book - about 2 weeks ago. My son has only used it a couple of times with his teacher (who recommended the book). I am VERY impressed ~ even though we have only had it a short time. What I appreciate most about this book is that we are beginning with counting and rhythms. My son is 7 years old and just started lessons this year. We also downloaded the music accompaniment and we are loving it! It allows my son to feel as if he is REALLY playing the piano, even though the focus is on counting and rhythm - which I feel are also very important fundamental skills. I'm anxious for my daughter who has been playing for a couple years without this series to move into your books - thank you!!!


Karla A.: I took two semesters of piano in college and I didn't learn as much as I have learned using the Mayron method!


Anonymous: I really like this book because of the way Mayron moves forward slowly introducing new notes and notation. And she uses 8th notes and flats right from the beginning. Lots of repetition for students who need extra practice and the notation is large and easy to read.


John: I like this method because theory and sight reading as well as playing by ear can be intermingled.


Peter G.: Good book for early learners, allowing progression and nice tunes that the kids enjoy.


Christina B.: Great product! Colorful! Very easy to understand!


Beachell C: perfect!!!! for my 8 year old daughter---may GOD bless your whole company.


Mary I.: The Level 1 Student Textbook works very well for me. I like having the ability to only give the current weeks lesson to my students. It is perfect for my 7+ students.


Lauren W.: I bought this book for my seven year old daughter. She seems to love it so far. She is also progressing more quickly than I expected. She's happy to practice and is doing well.


Christine B.: I have used this series in the past and continue to use it for my beginning private students (young and old!). The music progresses at a logical pace and the variety of activity sheets allow for repetitive practice in multiple learning styles. Highly recommend.


Beverly R.: This is my favorite book to start elementary-age piano students. They like the accompaniments and the challenge of playing with an "orchestra". I like that they are more likely to play with a steady beat when keeping up with the accompaniments. Plus, they're learning to listen to something other than themselves when playing.


Tracey M.: I just started using your Piano Teaching Method. I love the big notes, and how each note and symbol is presented. It is the best method for teaching piano in the public school setting. I have used many different piano methods and I am having the best results with Mayron Cole Piano Methods. 5 star... I love the big notes, I love the pace and the theory worksheets. Excellent for teaching beginning students.


Donna G.: I love the Level 1 book for beginners. Everything is taught in a organized, understandable way. My students love the books, too. Thank you.


Emily: I took piano lessons for 10 years as a child, and I still have a lot of my primer books. I am home schooling my two daughters in piano and was trying to use those books, but having trouble. Now that I have purchased this book, I find it a lot easier to teach them!!! It's awesome!


Anonymous: My students (in the primary grades) love these little pieces. Each piece has a different feel to it, which gives us a chance to talk about musicality. While I sometimes feel that the book progresses rather slowly, I've found that simply having them sight-read pieces with the accompaniment on slow speed gives a good indication of when they are ready to skip to something harder or not. Also, because the pieces are interesting, they are able to progress slowly enough to absorb the information well without getting bored. Likewise, there are plenty of theory pages to help them review what they've learned, which you can skip now and then if a student shows a good grasp of the material. Overall, these are wonderful little pieces that inspire creativity and musicality.


Pat A.: Mayron Cole's level 1 lesson book is my favorite for beginning piano students in either a group or private setting. Children enjoy the theory pages and accompaniments. This lesson book provides a solid foundation for future musical accomplishment.


Lara C.: As a mother teaching her children beginning piano, I really appreciate how straight forward the Mayron Cole method materials are. I like that we have all that we need in one book. I also appreciate their avoidance of fingering in the early years - I really think that has helped my kids really learn sight reading. I highly recommend this program!


Jill G.: I have been teaching piano lessons for 43 years. Meeting Mayron Cole several years ago completely changed the way I teach. Even though I don't currently teach group lessons, I INSIST that ALL beginning students start out with this method. My students who began lessons in Mayron Cole Method are by far my best note-readers, counters and overall best students. Not only is it easy to read, but it is NOT "Middle C" oriented with one main hand position. I could go on and on, but I LOVE this method! I am the president of the Utah Music Teacher's Association Bridgerland Chapter (part of the MTNA--Music Teacher's National Association) and a few months ago for one of our meetings, I passed out parts of several of Mayron's ensembles to our teachers and told them to come prepared to play them at our next meeting. Boy, did we have fun. Everyone was asking where I got these and enjoyed the various levels of music and the delightful arrangements. I teach privately, but always try to include at least one ensemble in each recital and also have an ensemble recital. My students love these arrangements! Mayron, Bill, Colleen and the rest of the staff are so friendly, professional and helpful. This is a win-win situation all the way around. I hope you enjoy these books as much as I do.


Lisa J.: We have enjoyed teaching Mayron's method for 5 years now and rarely veer from it. We love the pictures for the children to color, the games and of course, the arrangements. More importantly the children love it too! I still have students from when we first introduced piano to our Kindermusik program happily playing.


S. Scott: I consider this piano method wonderful! It reinforces a concept really well before moving forward to a new one. This distinct quality allows the student to really learn and retain what has been taught promoting a solid advancement in the musical career as well as enjoyment.


Christina P.: Wish I had this technique when I took piano lessons! Students have fun and retain the material I teach. I find it easy to teach and the students always grasp the concept and have no problem with each lesson!


Barbie R.: I have been teaching from Level 1 for several years now and love the self confidence building skills piano students take from this beginning level. They continue to play and play :) The material is presented in a pleasant, repetitious fashion with new songs all the time. The compositions are nice for all students and the fun sheets are quick and to the point.


Ruth N.: I think that this book is fantastic! When I started teaching with it, my four year old got so excited and begged me to teach her as well. I didn't know how she would do but she is progressing quite rapidly and understanding most of the concepts.


Melissa M.: This classic is the very best launching pad for an education in music because of its logical sequence, simplicity and repetition for retention of concepts. I have been using it for 17 years with excellent results.


Marcia B.: I thoroughly enjoy Ms. Cole's piano method books. The books are geared toward the age levels and easily understandable by the children. I use the books for individual lessons and I have 2 students who are doing "group" piano with me.


Cindy E.: I have been using Mayron's Level 1 for the past 8 years and it has helped beginners progress quickly and easily from rhythm and keyboard geography into staff reading.


Josep B.: good book, easy to follow instructions and songs, very informative, would recommend to everyone.


Nancy: All of your products are very easy to understand, I would recommend any of your textbooks to those who ask.


Anonymous: This method series is just what my students need. As they get older, their practice time is more limited and the short pieces are easily attainable as opposed to longer pieces. I like that this method enables students to move ahead as they really understand the concepts. I have loved the review of theory as well as appropriate progressive challenging songs.


Alisha S.: I am continually happy with this method. Another great method book for intermediate students. Nice use of classical repertoire. I like the larger notes that make the music seem less intimidating to students. This level has shown how my students can improve their sight reading skills that other methods were really missing.


Lannie O.: This book is thorough, entertaining and the music is great! Just like the other books.


Erika S.: Love the songs! I love using this method!


Anne E.: I'm enjoying the book. I really like the very gradual progression. Some methods move too quickly and the students get frustrated.


Carol P.: I have a student finishing up 4 and she's excited about arriving at Level 5!  I'm constantly in awe at ALL of these levels......After doing this for 20 years,I'm still not bored and can see how great this method continues to be. Thank you Mayron!!


Ernest C.: The book is excellent. The book allows me to move gradually through challenging sections, but the student is not intimidated by the assignments. I am very pleased with the book, and the way it includes music theory in a non-threatening manner.


Madalyn: When I know a class is about to begin Level 5, I get very excited! And that's because the music is so fun to play. Playing songs like Elephant Amble (a boogie) makes students feel like they are really becoming pianists. I usually see students very encouraged in their piano learning when they are in Level 5. Thank you, Mayron Cole!!!


Jason C.: The Mayron Cole curriculum is a perfectly-thought-out curriculum. Now that I've got a few students in Level 5, I love how everything builds on itself. She never gives you information without setting the foundation for it first. And most importantly - it teaches the student to sight-read, which of course, is the ultimate measure of a musician's ability.


Diane S.: Level 5 fits right in with what my students need at this level! Love the theory that continues to build upon what we learned previously.


Lannie O.: I love the way this method teaches students to READ music, not just memorize finger numbers and rhythm patterns etc. I feel like this method is excellent in teaching all aspects of music. My students are becoming great sight reading pianist!


Janice A.: I have four children using Mayron Cole, from ages 6-12. They all enjoy learning and have picked it up quickly. The stories and built-in activities make their lesson time varied. I really appreciate the accompaniments that help them work on rhythm and speed. They enjoy starting at the beginning of the book and playing all their songs over again to see how "perfect" they can get them.


Jill B.: I just love all your books! I ordered this one for a very talented student of mine who just loves to play the piano! I like the song choices. My students like the challenges. I won't use any other curriculum since I discovered Mayron Cole's books about 18 years ago.


Anonymous: I like how this book does have several review pages mixed in with new content. I think they move faster when it is set up with that in mind.


Natalie M.: As an piano instructor who teaches the Mayron Cole method, I wanted to keep learning and progressing myself as I prepare for more students to get into the higher levels. It has been a great way to solidify my own grasp on theory and to feel like I can practice what I teach and preach!


Belinda: I am so pleased with this book. The organization is superb and the book is so beautifully put together. The pieces are also very fun to play!


Mike: My child loves Mayron Cole Piano books and she really enjoys all songs.


Tanya U.: This book is a wonderful mixture of Mayron's advanced solos along with some favorite classics. My students really enjoyed the music history sections.


Deborah A.: This book, as does all the others, has an awesome combination of theory integrated with great music!


Bonnie W.: My students in Level 8 say it is nice to have the complete "Madrid " ensemble in this book, as I have adults and me doing this at the recital. As a teacher looking at the music selections in upper levels 7-9, I look forward to working through this collection.


Laura D.: Mayron Cole's Method, any level is the highest quality and content!!! No other method can even come close to this. I have taught this method for almost 30 years. Have taught other methods in the past, but none can beat Mayron Cole!!! So thankful I can teach the best!!!


Even More Reviews


Sherryl R. of Parrish, Florida: A staple in my studio. Very clear and logical in it's approach to children's learning.


Patricia D. of San Antonio, Texas: I have been using Mayron Cole's materials for the past six years and love them....especially for beginners. My favorite part is that my students don't have 4 different books to use/carry around/keep up with. All of the musical terms/theory type teaching and pieces are in one book. My students also love playing with the accompaniments. The method is easy to teach and the songs keep my students interested. They become good music readers with this curriculum. Love it!


Tamara R. of Fayetteville, Georgia: I love Mayron's curriculum! The Level 1 Book is so effective. Great large print, very applicable theory material, and sequential flow.


Alisha S. of Roy, Utah: I'm highly impressed with the Mayron Cole first year book. I love the logical layout of principals for a new student. My students are learning faster and better than they ever have.


Erika S. of Birmingham, Alabama: I love how this book lays an excellent foundation for rhythm and note reading!


Janet C. of Mooresville, North Carolina: I have been using this book in my studio for a few years now and it is wonderful book to start young students. The book provides a methodical progression of material so the young player can grasp and practice the rhythms and notes without being overwhelmed. The book also provides numerous theory worksheets to help reinforce terms, note values, and note names. Thank you Mayron Cole!


 Jill B. of Lake Orion, Michigan: I absolutely love Mayron's books! My students progress quickly through the first few lessons with a solid understanding of where the keys are and how to read the notes on the staff. They are so excited to be learning the piano! I will not teach from any other book. I am so glad that I was introduced to Mayron from my nephews whose teacher used it. Thank you for your curriculum and enthusiasm for others to learn!


Rana M. of Stillwater, Oklahoma: I have used Mayron's method since 1996, and this is my favorite beginner book. It covers the geography of the keys, rhythm, note values and naming, and theory pages to back up the songs to play with accompaniments for each piece. My students and I love it!


Karen H. of Weslaco, Texas: This book leaves nothing out! It's a great introduction to piano for elementary students. Not only is it good for the students, it's a wonderful way for the teacher to keep everyone together and working as a group. The fun pages and mystery messages add interest and plenty of review so that after a while answering the questions becomes automatic. The all in one format with theory, note speller, and analysis of the music all in one book is appreciated by the teacher and the students. This method works slowly, but gives the student a good foundation.


Anonymous of Novato, California: I love how this book builds on skills, and I will not use another method for my students. They start by learning rhythm, adding the letter names of the keys, and finally learning to read the staff.


Natalie B. of Cary, North Carolina: We just finished Level 1. I love seeing the progress that Clark is making. I am grateful for the music theory review, and we were also fans of "County Fair."


Robert W. of Monrovia, Maryland: The book is developed at a good pace with a good sequence of development. It has students experience success quickly, which encourages them to practice more.


Kara L. of Ogden, Utah: I'm excited for my daughter to learn from these books. I have heard great things and so far we like the method of teaching.


Holly D. of Lynchburg, Virginia: Since starting piano lessons a few weeks ago, my daughter has learned so much using the Mayron Cole books. I'm sure this book will be no different in how it inspires her to practice and learn more about playing piano!


Sid L. of Las Vegas, Nevada: My 8 yr old daughter just finished the Level 1. She loves the book because its very easy for her to understand. The level of difficulty progresses gradually and does not intimidate her ability to learn.


Sarah A.of Bear, Delaware: My kids are all using the Mayron Cole Piano Method books, and they really enjoy the lessons and songs they are learning. The book does a good job of teaching fundamental skills in a way that kids can grasp. I have seen my kids' skills improve!


Emily A. of Ferron, Utah: I like how well this book teaches my 8 year old. It is well done. I was concerned about him in piano, but this has put my concerns to rest.


Donna of Kenly, North Carolina: My students love the Mayron Cole books. The large notes & staffs make learning notes easier for beginners. Also, the beginning books introduce one new note at a time instead of several notes, like many of the other methods.


Mary R. of Kansas City, Missouri: I appreciate these books because of the constant repetition of notes. Students aren't rushed into new notes immediately and have time to learn them using multiple rhythms and songs. I also LOVE the rhythm pages! Great practice in learning rhythms without the complication of notes at the same time.


Mary L. of Irvine, California: My students never complain about these pieces. There is a lot of variety and every piece is fun to play.


Dianna S. of Arlington, Tennessee: Love the Level 1, the musical selections, etc. Especially love the ensembles. I did the Minuet ensemble for my summer piano camp and the parents were so impressed.


Dellana C. of Murphy, Texas: I have used this material with my students for many years. It is the best beginner method on the market!


Angie M. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: building my daughter's confidence learning the piano and she has been more independent practicing; very easy for her to follow along.


Lynnette A. of Spokane, Washington: After looking through this book, I texted a family member who teaches piano and gushed about a book with 200 pages that focus almost exclusively on really learning bass clef notes. It's difficult to find a method that so thoroughly covers left hand playing without relying heavily on finger numbers. If you have any background in music, regardless of instrument, you know that just about everyone struggles with learning and remembering bass clef notes. It wasn't until I played cello that I learned my bass clef notes (I started on Alfred piano method as a kid). So, happy to say, this book is AWESOME. I rave about MC method to other moms. This method is great for home-music-teaching parents.


Morgan H. of Lynchburg, Virginia: This book has been a wonderful tool for my daughter. We have been pleased at the progress she has made.


Inna S. of Moorpark, California: Excellent book to use in a group class.


Natalie M. of Spring, Texas: I have loved watching my students begin the Level 2 book. The lessons and songs build upon on the concepts that have already been taught in a way that subtly reinforces all the skills and theory, and yet allows the students to really begin making music. I cannot think of a better method to teach piano.


Donna G. of Kenly, North Carolina: I love the way the level 2 book presents the bass clef notes. The students have a chance to learn 2-3 notes before new ones are added. My kids & adults love this method.


William of New Braunfels, Texas: Mayron's music books are extremely well prepared and tailored for beginning piano; excellent for senior generation folks. Especially love the left hand drills preceding each tune.


 Jill G. of Republic, Missouri: Really enjoy teaching this curriculum. Having the theory together with the music is very helpful


Donna G. of Kenly, North Carolina: Just recently, I began teaching my 75 year old mom how to play piano using the Mayron Cole method. A few years ago, I had begun teaching her while using another curriculum; however, she informed me that she was only playing by finger numbers and had never learned the notes. Now she is confidently learning the notes, since finger numbers aren't taught until later on with the Mayron Cole method.


Lauren W. of Clarksville, Tennessee: Another great book!


Barbara R. of Hampton, New Jersey: I find it works extremely well for younger students. The pieces are tuneful and each lesson teaches something new. I also like that it contains theory and note reading exercises. In addition, the larger print is great for young students.


 Sherryl R. of Parrish, Florida: I love the way level 2 builds on the foundation laid in level 1. My students learn so quickly!


 Jill G. of Hyde Park, Utah: I love this book. I've used it over and over. This whole series is a gold mine for teachers. My students who use the Mayron Cole method are my best students. I highly recommend this book!


Chad H. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: This system works really well, and this book is a very good next step in the process. The accompaniments are very helpful for our son's self practice.


Joyful Sounds of Forest Hill, Maryland: Age appropriate. Great theory pages. Repetition assists students in gaining and retaining material for the next level.


Lisa J. of Colorado Springs, Colorado: I have had and do have many children playing from this book. The melodies are fantastic.


Sandra C. of Greenville, Texas: As in all Mayron materials I have used, Level 2 continues to teach skills in a very timely manner and uses Fun Sheets and Mystery Messages to reinforce them. My students have a good grasp of the skills and concepts taught in Level 2 and enjoy studying piano because of the activities and songs provided.


Tonia G. of Novato, California: I love how this level works on the bass clef, often the more overlooked clef! The student learns the low G, A, and B really well first, while reviewing the high B, A, G, and F which were learned in the previous level. Finally the middle notes on the bass clef are learned. Using this method, the bass clef is consistently learned well!


Linda K. of Baltimore, Maryland: I highly recommend the entire Mayron Cole Piano Method. This is the best method for teaching, note reading, technique and providing a sequential approach to learning. I use all of the books. In addition to content, the books are colorful and appealing to students of all ages. The print is big which provides easier learning for the student.


Rana M. of Stillwater, Oklahoma: Thank you for stressing the bass clef!


Kara L. of Ogden, Utah: I am really excited for my daughter to start level 2. She is flying through these books and is learning so much.


Janet C. of Mooresville, North Carolina: This book progresses nicely from the Level 1 book. Students are introduced to more terms, rhythms, theory sheets, and fun songs to play. The students actually enjoy doing the written assignments! I consider the Mayron Cole books a staple in my music studio.


Dee M. of Houston, Texas: My daughter's new piano teacher recommended this book and we love it. The notes on the staff are larger than normal and easy to see. Also, this book has good theory that my daughter's previous books were missing. I look forward to working with these books and deepening my daughter's musical education.


Sheila A. of Raleigh, North Carolina: Good materials and easy to read. I like the way the content is presented in a way that the students truly master the concepts before moving on.


Lauren W. of Clarksville, Tennessee: Another great book. My daughter is learning so quickly with these books. We love them!


Donna of Kenly, North Carolina: Finally, there's a piano curriculum that teaches the bass clef notes in a simple way. Love the pages that teach rhythm/counting without notes on the staff. These are very helpful to my students.


Theresa G. of Arlington, Tennessee: Excellent teaching book for my daughter. Love it!


Sherryl R. of Parrish, Florida: My students are making great progress. It builds a terrific foundation for understanding as well as playing music.


Sharon M. of Bossier City, Louisiana: This course is perfect for my new student who is lacking in reading, counting, and knowledge of musical terms and how to use them. I am astounded of how past instructors had this student playing a Mozart Sonatina by rote and ear, but could not start at any given measure except the beginning. This student was so excited about her new Mayron Cole Method and the thrill of actually learning how to read music.

I look forward to my new prospective students actually learning how to play and being musically literate, because of the Mayron Cole Method that makes learning music fun, and playing each piece thrilling and exciting. Thank you again Mrs. Cole and staff! Let me reiterate, I am a Mayron Cole Music Method teacher for life!! Brava ya'll ;)


Carol R. Pierce of Hope Mills, North Carolina: I've got this entire Level 2 just about memorized and still think it's the greatest! I'm trying to do more reviewing of the F Clef Warm Ups! They are a simple treasure! Thanks Mayron!!!


Erika of Montevallo, Alabama: I am always pleased with the songs and theory!


Emily of Watsonville, California: Mayron's way of teaching is fabulous. The book deserves a five star definitely!


Amy R. of Greensboro, Georgia: I've been very pleased with the MC Piano method. My 7th graders enjoy the pieces, and the constant reinforcement of concepts is GREAT!


Raquel G. of Zapata, Texas: Level 2 Book is just as fabulous as Level 1 Book. I have a wonderful piano teacher that possesses a God-given gentleness to teach and patience that make learning to play the piano a memorable and enjoyable lasting experience. I have retained tremendously more than I ever have with other methods and teachers in the past. So, the book and the teacher are beyond the perfect combination. I feel extremely blessed to have both. Thank you! :•)


Rita W. of Belleville, Illinois: It is such a practical approach to teaching. I m new to this method but I am so impressed!


Rachel N. of Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Moves along quickly for older students! I especially love the ensembles included in the book - they are just the ones I would ordinarily be using for students of that level, and I don't have to give them the ensembles separately - they're included! Really grateful to have this older beginner option.


 John W. of Schaumburg, Illinois: I am only at lesson # 4 of Level 2 but things are starting to sound like real music. Playing with both hands and moving lower into the Bass Clef is adding fuller sound to the lessons. I really like how Mrs. Cole works in recalling things from earlier lessons to get them to be part of our memory. As each lesson is more challenging being able to slow the tempo with the MIDI player helpful and getting back up to performance tempo quickly is rewarding. What a great was to learn music and the keyboard!!


Patty D. of San Antonio, Texas: I have used the Mayron Cole Piano Method for probably 6 years now, maybe more and love it (as do my students). Love that we don't have 4 separate books to be juggling. The Level 2 has pieces that present new techniques and material in a way that keeps my students' interested. Love that the pieces are attainable, yet challenging. My students especially love the challenge of the rhythm taps. I have not seen these in other piano series I have used and it is so key to understanding music. I have frequently had to undo the poor rhythm of transfer students and start at the beginning again. Love that the Mayron Cole teaching method starts with rhythm from the onset. Looking forward to trying the Ensemble pieces included in the 2 level this year with my "older beginners". I would highly recommend any of the Mayron Cole teaching books--this one is especially good for adults and older beginners.


Colette F. of Milwaukie, Oregon: I appreciate the reenforcement of music concepts. Songs and theory sheets are exceptional. Rhythm sheets are great. Analyzing music patterns helps with sight reading. This is the only piano method of choice in my studio. I have used Mayron Cole Method since 1996.


Anonymous of Pylesville, Maryland: This is a great combination of workbook pages for the student to use in order to identify musical notes better and songs to practice playing. My daughter is enjoying the variety of songs that are included.


Morgan H. of Lynchburg, Virginia: This series continues to provide superb material for my kids' piano advancement.


Rana M. of Stillwater, Oklahoma: Once again, my students are loving Mayron's books. Level 3 continues to progress them while they enjoy the music!


Lori B.of Bartlett, Tennessee: It is a good book, follows the previous book in a logical fashion. I enjoy these books.


Alex M. of Miami , Florida: great , wonderful, best way ever to learn to play piano as an adult that I am.


Sherryl R. of Parrish, Florida: Great continuation of the learning process as it progresses on a gently grade of increasing difficulty without overwhelming the student. My students especially like the Burgmuller pieces at the end of the book.


Anastasia N. of Sterling, Virginia: This is our second year with Mayron Cole piano method. So we just started 3 level. It's very consistent method. Book has the next level of harmonics, theory, and of course the fun sheets. My daughter enjoying the music in the book especially she likes Galloping Horses.


Anne E. of El Paso, Texas: The books are great. I love the way that they do not move too quickly, instead one new idea is slowly introduced. Thank you for your help!


Craig of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: This book is comprehensive, includes theory exercises, scales, and larger print notes. The entire course works at a very steady, non-pushy pace, and all my students do well with it.


Heather S. of Lynchburg, Virginia: I absolutely love these books for my son. He has used them since book 1. It teaches him not only to read music, but understand the music. It's almost like a music theory lesson each week.


Anonymous of Novato, California: I love how this book continually repeats all the concepts the student has learned, then adds on to the learning! Highly recommend it!


Anonymous of Mt. Pleasant, Texas: We just transferred into this method starting with this book and having success. Progressing at a much faster rate.


Lorrie Sterling of Beebe, Arkansas: I love the Mayron Cole Method! I have an adult student who has attempted several times to learn piano-- but didn't "Get It". She LOVES and is Excelling with Mayron Cole Curriculum. Thank you so much!


Gholam A. of San Antionio, Texas:. I recently purchased these products and I want to say these are excellent products. In the past I have purchased many other piano instruction books and none of them compare to the Mayron Cole products. I am extremely happy with these instruction books and accompaniments. They have helped me a great deal with my college level classes. I just want to say Thank You for these great products. I will make sure that I recommend these products to other friends who want to learn to play the piano in a simple way.


Anonymous of Atlanta, Georgia: My students love the music in Level 3! They can really see how much they have advanced! This book has many pieces that have an enjoyable sound without being too difficult. My students thoroughly enjoy it.


J Story of Ogden, Utah: The level continues to challenge me with the theory and the playing. Love this program!


Victoria W. of Jacksonville, Florida: I am using this course to learn the piano on my own. I have been very pleased with the course.


Tina of Philadelphia, Mississippi: Great book and program! My kids are learning and enjoying playing the piano with your books. Thanks!


Rana M. of Stillwater, Oklahoma: Moving along... Mayron's books and games are marvelous tools to guide my students. Thank you, again!!


Lori B. of Bartlett, Tennessee: A logical following to Level 2. I enjoy learning from this method.


Maria G. of Fort Drum, New York: Love it!! My daughter is enjoying and it is helping her to grow and advance musically.


Erika of Montevallo, Alabama: Great book! Love the songs in it!


Brooke M. of Christiansburg, Virgin Islands, U.S.: Love the music!


Anonymous of Stockbridge, Georgia: I like the music and the rhythm taps. The music theory is also very clear & helpful.


Kara L. of Ogden, Utah: We love these piano books in our house.


Laura D. of Debary, Florida: I love your product and promote it every chance I get. It is the very very very best on the market.


 Jill W. of Evanston, Wyoming: I LOVE ALL of the music that this AMAZING lady, Mayron Cole has composed!!! Her music has such great beauty, depth and feeling that practicing anything, from the simplest of songs to the more challenging brings such great joy to me!! I have always wanted to play the piano and when my children were young through their teenage years they were taught using these books and I told myself, someday it will be my turn!! And now I'm getting my turn and I absolutely LOVE this Music and I can't say enough good about it!! I know now, that anyone can learn to play, when you use her method!! I am teaching myself and I don't think that would even be possible with any other books on the market!!! Thank You So Much Mrs. Cole, it is such a Privilege and Honor to play your music!!!


Colette F. of Milwaukie, Oregon: Love your method. I've been teaching your method since 1995. The Fun sheets and rhythm taps are wonderful. Great reinforcement. I appreciate the approach to music concepts which are concise and clear. MC books raise the bar compared to other main methods. I wish I had discovered you in the beginning of my career back in the 70's! Thank you Mayron!


Rana M. of Stillwater, Oklahoma: Terrific! Another home run for Mayron!


Theresa G. of Arlington, Tennessee: great, highly recommend.


Gina L. of Las Vegas, Nevada: Awesome!


Erika S. of Montevallo, Alabama: I love this method! It is so easy to teach from!


Alisha S. of Hooper, Utah: I think this is the best method out there currently.


Anastasia N. of Sterling, Virginia: We use this method for last 3 years and pretty happy with books.


Janis K. of Forest Hill, Maryland: Mayron Cole is the complete package for teaching a student of any age the piano. I love Mayron Cole because it has everything in one book; theory, note reading, scales and fun sheets which helps with each piece of music the student with learn. This is the only method book I have found that really helps the student learn how to read music. I also like the fact that the books are challenging but then also take a step back at times so the student doesn't become overwhelmed. I highly recommend using the Mayron Cole piano method to anyone who is looking for a fun and engaging tool to teach piano. These books are wonderful!


Erika S. of Montevallo, Alabama: I highly recommend the Mayron Cole method!


Josue Syprien M. of Naples, Florida: I have been browsing for piano methods for years, and I have never actually seen anything like the "Mayron Cole Piano Method", It's so complete and... I would highly recommend this method.


Jessica S. of Blythe, California: I've always been satisfied and pleased with the materials I've received from Mayron Cole. Very happy with how my daughters have progressed in their piano skills with this method. Thanks!


Katherine J. of Baton Rouge, Louisiana: I have a group of adults who had piano lessons earlier in life and have totally enjoyed Mayron Cole's Level 4. They have said how thorough the Fun Sheets are and how helpful the Mystery Messages are. They are learning music facts that they have never seen before. My teen-agers are doing well because of the convenience of written lessons associated with every piece. I like it also because of the scales in front of every book. No more leaving scale books or theory books at home. Very Convenient!!


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