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Info About Midi & MP3 Files


Midi Files

Midi files are the format that we recommend

for playing along with our orchestrated accompaniments.


Midi files have the unique ability to be played at any speed without changing the pitch of the music. This ability enables the student to slow the accompaniment down as much as needed when first learning a composition. In addition, midi files allow you to turn various instruments on and off within the orchestration. This function enables beginners to turn off all of the orchestral instruments and play along with just the piano, while inversely enabling the student to perform with an accompaniment of all instruments except the piano.  You will need a third party computer program or mobile device app which can play the midi file with tempo control. We have found a few options for you:


For use on a PC: You can use any computer, new or old, to play midi files as long as you have speakers and can place the computer near your piano keyboard. Midi files are very small, so even that old computer that is sitting unused in a closet should suffice. VanBasco Karaoke Player is a free midi sequencing program for use on PC computers (not available for Macs).


For use on iPad or iPhone: These are a few apps that we've found that will play the midi files on an iPad or iPhone: "Midi File Player" for $1.99; "Midi Player S" for $4.99; "Musk Midi Player" for $1.99


If you find another program or app which plays midi files with tempo control, please send us an email and we will add that information to this page.

MP3 Files


We have provided a few download options for our mp3 files:

  • To play an individual mp3 file in your browser, click on the button for the composition. The file will open and play in your browser.
  • To download an individual mp3 to a computer, right click on the button for the composition and select "download linked file."
  • To save an individual mp3 to a tablet or phone, download the mp3 to your computer, add it to your mp3 player's play-list, then sync your tablet or phone.
  • For books with multiple mp3 files, we have provided a folder so you can download all of the mp3 files for that book to your computer at once. You can then add the mp3 files to your mp3 player's play-list.


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