Info About Midi & MP3 Accompaniments
MP3 Files
The benefit of mp3 files is that all devices and browsers can play them. The downside is that mp3 files can only play at one speed. To play an mp3 file, click here to access our free files. Select the mp3 file you would like, and the mp3 will play in your browser. Or you can download the file to your device to play the mp3 when offline.
Midi Files
Midi files have the unique ability to be played at any speed without changing the pitch of the music. This ability enables the student to slow the accompaniment down as much as needed when first learning a composition. In addition, midi files allow you to turn various instruments on and off within the orchestration. This function enables beginners to turn off all of the orchestral instruments and play along with just the piano, while inversely enabling the student to perform with an accompaniment of all instruments except the piano. You will need a third-party app or website to play the midi file. Here' s a midi website that's the easiest option we have found:
In our free files, select the midi file you would like to open. Your device will say that the browser is unable to play this audio file. Select "Download." After the midi file is downloaded to your device, go to , and click "Launch." In the upper left corner, select the "File" dropdown, then select "Open" and choose the midi file that you just downloaded. You can change the tempo with the BPM at the bottom of the screen. You can turn instruments on/off using the mute button on each track listed on the left of the screen. The play arrow is at the bottom of the screen.
Please note: These instructions are offered as a suggestion. We are content providers only; we do not provide any technical support for devices or apps.