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SpainI'm a highschool student from Spain who wants to learn how to play the piano. The problem is I can't afford a teacher, so I'm trying to learn using self-teaching methods. Looking for methods and courses, I accidentally found yours, and from the first moment I loved it. Thanks for giving all of this quality material for free, it's amazing and it's helping me a lot! Beñat
Saudi ArabiMerry Christmas 🎄to you from Saudi Arabia! 🐫We hope you have a wonderful new year! My dad and I also want to thank you so much for your awesome piano 🎹lessons. I'm 7 years old, and I have been learning how to play the piano 🎹with your piano method since May 2020. I also like coloring your beautiful drawings. You're amazing! Right now, I'm working on Level 2.Almea 👧
MexicoYou are a wonderful and very precious soul. This Method is superb! So your generosity is incredible...I am from México and from now on I am your fan. I love you, Mayron.Angel B.
United StatesI wanted you all to know that this curriculum is a hidden gem. I have been using it for the last six years to teach my kids piano and music theory, and it is easily the best one out there that I have found to lay a strong foundation of theory for kids starting out on piano. I use it for cello teaching as well. Thank you for keeping this available for Mayron Cole fans! I tell everyone I know who is looking to do music with their kids about it!Love, Lynnette A.
ChinaI stumbled upon your website with free piano lessons, and I've always wanted to learn piano by myself, so I went to check it out and found that the lessons are amazing, the learning content is very detailed, and the illustrations are really pretty. I found that you have been teaching piano lessons since 1985 and have designed many interesting lessons for teaching. I think you love piano very much, and put your mind on it completely. As a student, I really appreciate what you have done for the education, cannot thank you enough for your work, and thank you for these amazing works.Sincerely, Yummy
GuatemalaI am very thankful not only for your material that can be available for us but also for your thoughtful method focused on the notes, rithm and lecture of the musical songs, I am living in Guatemala in a very far rural area, we can varely have internet access and so, there are no piano teachers around, so I was very sad that I couldnt teach my son to play piano as he asked me to do, but I tried to find piano resources as my plan is to learn to play piano and teach him at the same time, and I found your method that I am starting to use, thank you! I will keep you in touch to let you know how we are doing, I dont know you but surely you are a very kind human being of thinking on others!!!! wish you the best!!! big hugs!Pamela P.
The NetherlandsA continent away so we will likely never meet but I wanted to thank you for all of the amazing work that you have done and thank you even more for making it available for free, that is super impressive.  Best regards from the Netherlands,Jacques M.
United States
Thank you for being a pioneer in teaching group piano lessons, and for all that you do to help other teachers along the group lesson journey!
With gratitude, Janet F.

PeruI'm a piano professor in Perú. A few weeks ago, I found your material "The Mayron Cole Piano Method'', and I am so grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with us in the whole world. For me your method has been a great resource to my classes with kids.  I appreciate your collaboration with the music learning from my country.
United KingdomJust thought I'd message you to say THANK YOU for such a fantastic piano teaching resource; I'm a new teacher building up my clientele and I talk to others about your resources all the time.Regards, Andy
I am a piano teacher from Nepal. The Mayron Cole piano book was given to me by one of my student’s parents for teaching. I found the piano method book extremely useful and very pleasant. It was lot of fun for students and came with lot of theoretical and practical approaches to teaching. Thank you. 
Mrigendra B.
United StatesJust want to say thank you for making this available to EVERYONE.  Your contribution to music education is phenomenal. This method is so clear and concise.  Something I really appreciate. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Mayron Cole!Bailey B.
CanadaI am a voice and guitar teacher in Ontario, Canada. I've been playing and singing for years, however, I never learned to play the piano. My sight reading on the treble clef was decent but nowhere what it is now even after playing for only 6 months. The Mayron Cole method has made it so fun and so easy to learn. Also fun and easy to stay motivated!! - JaclynGermanyI just wanted to let you know how blessed I am to have found your system. I'm the pastor of an international church and we have Ukranian refugees as a part of our congregation. A mom brought her daughter forward for prayer at the end of our service on Sunday and asked for prayer for her daughter. Her daughter struggles with trauma from her flight from Ukraine and her father is still there, fighting. As I prayed for her I saw her fingers playing keys on the piano. I asked her mother and it happens that her daughter had received a few lessons before the war broke out. I mentioned that I thought my daughter would be blessed if she could be trained and arranged so that my daughter could give lessons. Today will be the first lesson and I was truly delighted to find your materials. I've printed the first few lessons and have started to make a book for her. Fortunately, the mother speaks English very well, so she'll be able to explain the text in your book.  Thank you so much, what a wonderful blessing, Pastor D.
Answer from Mayron to Pastor D: Your email has made my day!  I am thrilled that my piano method might help the traumatized child from Ukraine.  Please ask your daughter to keep me posted as to how the child is doing with her piano lessons.  When I retired in 2018, after much prayer, I gave my extensive piano method to the world for free instead of selling it to another publisher.  I hoped my music would do some good for people whom I will never meet.  A few of the emails I have received through the years:  Teachers in Peru, Romania, and Mongolia have contacted me to obtain permission to translate my piano method into their languages.  A missionary in Oklahoma is using it to teach Apache children at a reservation, and a teacher in Kenya is teaching the street orphans in Nairobi with my piano method. According to Google Analytics, in just the past 5 days there have been 1800 downloads of my music in 108 countries.  My daughter Colleen is the person who created the Free Piano Method website, and it was a tremendous amount of work for her. But seconds before she pushed the "launch" button, Colleen said to me:  "It's time to cast your bread upon the waters, Mom." I said a prayer that God would help Colleen and me make this world a better place as the free piano method website became instantly active on my computer screen.  -Mayron Cole
Reply From Pastor D:What a wonderful testimony of how we all, as God's body, fit together to bless the world. Thank you again for your generosity to bless so many around the globe with the gift of music.