$99 per month



Live private lessons with Colleen Cole.
For students in 2nd - 10th gradesand returning students of all ages.
27 lesson school year course August - May.
Half-hour weekly lesson.
Choose your lesson day and time.
Online piano lessons in the convenience of your home.
Colleen Cole has been teaching The Mayron Cole Piano Method since 2004.
No transfer students.
text Colleen at 830-624-6501or email
VIDEO: Colleen Cole's 2024 Piano Recital & Award Ceremony. 
VIDEO: Excerpts from a lesson with a Level 2 student.
VIDEO: Colleen and some of her recent students demonstrate the progression of piano knowledge.
VIDEO: A piano game with a Level 5 student.
VIDEO: Excerpts from a lesson with a Level 6 student.
Piano Teacher Colleen Cole has been playing piano since the age of five, and has been teaching piano since 2004. She has a Master’s Degree in Education from Texas State University in addition to a Bachelor’s Degree from Emory University. A State of Texas certified teacher and a published composer, Colleen has trained piano teachers nationwide for two decades; co-owns The Mayron Cole Piano Method, the only piano method that takes students from kindergarten to college; and created and manages the website. To inquire about taking piano lessons, contact Colleen at 830.624.6501 or
A digital piano keyboard or an acoustic piano that’s relatively in-tune.
A tablet or phone on which to video conference. Device needs to have FaceTime or Skype.
Internet with download speed of at least 25Mbps.
Yamaha NP12 61-Key Piaggero Digital Piano $220
  • If I were looking to buy a keyboard for a young beginner, this is the one I would buy. 
  • 61 keys will suffice through Level 5 piano music. 
  • Required, but sold separately: Yamaha Power Adaptor PA130 $15 
  • Optional, but recommended: Yamaha FC5 Compact Sustain Pedal $15  

Yamaha NP32 76-Key Piaggero Digital Piano $330
  • This is the same keyboard as above, but with 76 keys. 
  • 76 keys will suffice through Level 8 piano music. 
  • Required, but sold separately: Yamaha Power Adaptor PA130 $15
  • Optional, but recommended: Yamaha FC4A Piano Sustain Pedal $30 

I have a few NP32 keyboards that I’m selling for $190. They’re like new. Included is the Yamaha NP32 76-Key Piaggero Digital Piano, Power Adaptor, and a Yamaha Carrying Case. If purchasing new, this bundle would total $395. For pickups only in Gonzales, TX or Canyon Lake, TX. 

Keyboard Stand: A piano is lower than a table; there should be 10” between the top of the bench and the top of the white piano key. So instead of putting the keyboard on a table, please consider purchasing a keyboard stand. The most common type of keyboard stand is an “X” stand for about $30, but it can easily be pushed over. If you place an “X” stand against a wall, then it should be alright. Any chair or stool can be used with this keyboard stand. Some keyboards are sold bundled with an “X” stand and a bench. 
Recommended camera placement is to the side of the student's piano so Colleen can see the student's face and hands on the piano keys:
TuitionTotal tuition for the school year is $891.$99 Registration Fee is due when registering.Eight Monthly Payments of $99 are due by the first lesson of each month September through April.Failure to remit the current tuition payment before the third lesson of the month may necessitate dismissal of the student.
SchedulingOn the registration form, you will select a recurring weekly lesson time that will be reserved for you for the duration of the school year.
PracticingThe student is required to play the assignment two times each day until the next lesson.Practicing only takes about 10 minutes each day.Consistent lack of practicing is grounds for dismissal.
Piano MusicFor piano students residing in the United States, a printed textbook will be mailed to you before your first lesson.International piano students can either download the free lesson pages to a tablet, print the free lesson pages at home, or purchase the textbook locally through Amazon. 
ReschedulingYou can postpone up to three lessons during the school year.Make-up lesson dates are indicated on the lesson calendar, and are booked as needed by Colleen. No more than three make-up lessons will be given during the course, and no more than 27 lessons total will be given during the course.All make-up lessons must be completed by the end of May.No tuition credits are given for missed lessons, and missed lessons do not alter the payment schedule. 
CopyrightColleen Cole and Christopher Mayes own the copyright to all lessons that they teach, therefore students may not record audio or video of any lesson.
Early TerminationIf you need to quit piano or guitar lessons before the end of May, you are obligated to pay the tuition through the end of the month in which Colleen Cole is notified of your termination, even if the student did not attend any lessons that month.The Colleen Cole Conservatory has a very tight schedule and will continue to reserve a lesson time specifically for you until you notify Colleen Cole that you have withdrawn.No longer attending piano or guitar lessons is not notification of termination. 

text: 830-624-6501

all of the children on this page are students of the Colleen Cole Conservatory