Printing & Downloading Tips 
Three Options to Meet Your Needs 
View Lessons on a Tablet: To completely avoid printing costs, download the free Mayron Cole Piano Method pdf lesson files to your tablet. First, download a third-party pdf app with annotating capabilities to your tablet. The annotating capabilities will enable the student to complete the theory fun sheets directly on the tablet. Here are a few pdf apps with annotating capabilities that we recommend: Xodo for Android, iOS, & Windows tablets (free), Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android & iOS tablets (free), and Goodreader for iOS tablets ($4.99). After you have downloaded a third-party pdf app with annotating capabilities to your tablet, open this website on your tablet and click the free pdf lesson file that you would like to use. Your tablet will then give you the option to open the pdf in the third-party pdf app with annotating capabilities. Please note: These instructions are offered as a suggestion. We are content providers only; we do not provide any technical support for devices or apps.
Print Lessons at Home or School: If you would like the convenience of printing The Mayron Cole Piano Method at home or school, we recommend that you print the free pdf files lesson-by-lesson so you are only printing a few pages at a time. Have Complete Textbook Printed for You: Many teachers and students prefer the convenience of procuring the entire textbook before the piano course begins. You may either have the free pdf lesson files printed and bound at your local print shop, or you can purchase the complete textbook with color covers and paperback-binding on Amazon. Amazon book prices are based on the number of pages; Amazon offers free shipping for prime members or orders over $25; and Amazon ships globally. We recommend using a third party music book clip with the Amazon textbooks.